Our company started in 1959 by hauling exempt commodities within the state of Oklahoma through interstate commerce. Hauling only exempt commodities left little room for expansion so we applied for and purchased our interstate trucking permit in 1972. This decision allowed us to expand our reach which provided balance for our logistical operations that directly eliminated the large costs of dead-head compensation which made us very competitive in the industry.

We sought out the opportunity to grow and become more efficient so our branching into intrastate commerce was the starting point of what is now the Coldiron Companies team, providing transport solutions throughout North America.

Through aggressive research of our industry and many conversations with our customers, we confirmed the need for an innovative reliable driveaway company that could pickup and deliver equipment of all types across the nation. This opportunity was seized when we opened our first satellite driveaway office in Dallas, Texas in 1993. We quickly grew to support a second driveaway office being opened and now with our 10 national offices, we serve over 6400 clients.

Many of our customers needed additional consistent support to put out their asset management fires, so we seized another opportunity to provide asset recovery and storage solutions for our financial institution customers. Our official asset management division began in 2000 with a full array of services. To date, we have serviced several hundred lenders in the transportation of trucks. Coldiron Companies now provide a complete solution to the transportation industry moving trucks, trailers and heavy equipment as well as providing repossession and storage solutions.

The management team of Coldiron Companies anticipates a future complete with expansion of our driver pool, development of more proprietary trailers allowing for further driver efficiencies and continued development of our Tracking System. These three developments are being sought after to build the company from within.

As we continue to challenge ourselves and complete our goals, we keep in mind the need to better our clients' bottom lines while still striving to make the driver, his or her family, and every Coldiron Companies employee, a focus in our daily practices.