Transport Solutions

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Innovative Technology Solutions

Coldiron Companies has implemented technology solutions for Professional Contractors to transport units either as singles, 2-ways, 3-ways or 4-ways.  We also haul and transport large construction equipment as a brokerage utilizing regional contractors.  Many of our Professional Contractors lease equipment from us so that their personal vehicle will be in tow enabling them to be dispatched to the next transport opportunity quickly and without added taxi or transport fares. This savings results in a better logistics solution, which keeps money in our customer’s pockets. The addition of a personal vehicle in tow eliminates costly dead-head that raises operational cost.

123  Boom Trailer

Over the course of many years of managing freight hauls, transports, recoveries and storage, the Coldiron Companies team determined that more efficient means would have to be developed to gain time efficiency and reduce Professional Contractors labor. In the past, the technology used to deck and un-deck units was cumbersome and time consuming. Now, with Coldiron Companies technologies, Professional Contractors are able to transport units either as singles, 2-ways, 3-ways or 4-ways with a personal vehicle in tow enabling them to be dispatched to the next transport opportunity quickly, which results in a better logistic management dispatch system, which directly offers customers dollar savings and often eliminates the need for dead-head compensation and wrecker fees.

Coldiron Companies Solutions:  123  Boom Trailer
For many years Coldiron Companies has been perfecting the art of recovery. This experience allows our management the ability to make logistical, cost effective transport and repossession decisions for assets located anywhere in the continental United States and Alaska. The experience of a proven organization is at your disposal when you utilize the proven team at Coldiron Companies.

Our recovery service includes performing detailed condition and specification reports and a minimum of five digital photos, which will aid appraisal values. These specialized reports can be viewed through a password protected area on the internet if requested.

Using specially designed equipment and professional agents, we recover, transport and store:
    •    Class 6-8 trucks
    •    Buses
    •    Utility Trucks
    •    Mixers
    •    Boom Trucks
    •    Trailers
    •    Garbage Trucks
    •    Fire Trucks
    •    Oil Field Equipment
    •    Box Vans
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Our corporate and 9 nationwide field offices are each networked to our centralized dispatch system. Each office manages dispatching, professional agents, communications, and asset recovery operations.

Contact: Cathy Eddings (click here to email) or any member of our Asset Recovery team at 888-850-5312 or fax us at 888-857-7838.
Moving trucks over the nation's highways takes more than the keys and a tank of fuel. The development of two patented transport products and nearly 50 years in the industry give us a distinct advantage over other driveaway companies. With multiple offices nationwide and the same solution-oriented philosophy throughout our organization, we give our customers consistent service and attention to detail.
    •    9 locations throughout the United States
    •    Pick up and deliveries in the 48 Continental States, Alaska & Canada
    •    Transport of singles, 2-ways, 3-ways & 4-ways
    •    Storage facilities throughout the U.S.
    •    Port deliveries for shipping overseas
    •    30 professional dispatchers nationwide
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Contact: Senior Dispatcher Tom Stinnett (click here to email) or any member of our Driveaway team at 800-636-6669 or FAX us at 800-845-1628
Contact: Kit Eccles (click here to email) at 405-205-7222 or by FAX 866-371-5763.

Forward Facing Boom (FFB)

Coldiron Companies began moving two condos with our patented 123 Boom Trailer, driving one truck and pulling the second truck backwards with the steering tires on the roadway. The Professional Contractor’s personal pickup road in the middle between the two trucks as pictured above. We now have engineered and also patented our new Forward Facing Boom (FFB). This new approach allows both trucks to be facing forward with the Professional Contractor’s pickup being towed and attached to the second trucks fifth wheel.  This system delivers better aerodynamics and the availability to add a third truck if it is able to be decked, all without the need for a hoist or a wrecker providing bottom line savings.  With both booms we are able to move 1, 2 or 3 trucks at a time.

Coldiron Companies Front Facing Boom (FFB)
Coldiron Companies
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